Corporate Organizations SMS Features, GoforSMS provides various kinds of feature for Corporate Companies

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The easiest way to send your personalized SMS messages to your associates, clients and friends. The ultimate software tool for global Bulk SMS messaging, directly from internet. You can have your own Sender ID at the place of Receipent, which gives a professional branding value.
The easiest way to send your personalized SMS messages to your associates, clients and friends. The ultimate software tool for global Bulk SMS messaging, directly from your computer. NO INTERNET CONNECTION NEED, NO ADDITONAL HARDWARE NEEDED.
Our HTTP/SMPP can easily be integrated with any application doesn't matter which programming language or database is used for automated interaction with GoforSMS's system.

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How can an SMS Services be used for Corporate Companies?

Corporate Companies have various kinds of intimation services available like when a Payroll of Employee is generated, when a leave management is active, when unofficially holiday is announced, when the transport management ( bus schedule of that specific employee)

Use of SMS Services can be helpful for the following services to reduce the cutting costs on these services, like when a cheque gets prepared a client gets an auto intimation on his mobile that his cheque is prepared and has either been dispatched or deposited in the respective account, it can also be used for Leave Management like when an employee is unwell and he can just send an SMS to the Short Code and it registers in the Database, it can also be used for Transport management where the employee gets an intimation when his bus/ car would be available.

GoforSMS is a leading two-way SMS text messaging application developer providing mobile office tools that link the desktop to the mobile phone for sms India and around the world. GoforSMS's SMS services integrate with mobile applications, carrier networks and mobile phone users across the world through a global SMS Network. Direct mobile carrier connections, partnerships with wireless carriers and global SMS aggregators, with the capability to deliver to 489 networks in 182 countries.

GoforSMS offers you sending FREE SMS to following networks in India, however these FREE SMS doesnt guarantee you the delivery, and it is always adviceble to opt for Sender ID Based messages than these FREE SMS

List of Providers which supports FREE SMS:

Airtel - Andhra
Airtel - Karnataka
Airtel - Tamil Nadu

GoforSMS providers supports following networks for Sender ID Based SMS.
Tata Indicom
Bsnl (Cell one)
Bharati Airtel

You can use GoforSMS for promoting your branding, retaining your customers, building brand value, intimation services, or even promotional schemes.

SMS services can be used in following Areas:

- Reminder Services :
This services is useful for the people who would like to get their information or payment reminded in a specific time like for Insurance Agents, policy lapse is important and they can automatically remind their clients about this and that can be done.

- Schools :
Automatically send progress cards / mark sheets directly to parents / Guardian.

- Hospitals / Doctors :
Automatically inform patients of the schedule of the appointment with doctor.

- HR Agencies / HR Depts :
Send promotional letters / Intimations / Interview times in just a single click.

- Pharmacies / Supermarkets :
Sending monthly bills and product updates !!

- Police Stations :
Internal communication and sharing non-confidential case reports and communication with police stations in other zones.

- Media Companies :
SMS polls / updates and all viewer communication.

- Real Estate brokers :
Instant sharing of land values and real time information.

- Vehicle Agencies :
Mass messaging of new arrivals, second hand vehicle deals etc.

All Showrooms :
Staying in touch with all those who enquire.

Hotel / Restaurants / Coffee Shops :
Communicating the latest specials to thousands of existing and prospective customers.

Beauty Parlours :
Communicating the best treatments / promotinal beauty tips to thousands of existing and prospective customers.

All Corporate :
Setting up cheap and Independent alternative group communication system for jusst about anything - plans, schedules, meeting summons, statements etc.

Finance / Banks / Lenders / Share Brokers :
Revolutionize and thrill your customers with on-demand information anytime !!

Corporate Organizations SMS Features, GoforSMS provides various kinds of feature for Corporate Companies